Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am in love with a Crash Test Dummy! Skid the Kid

So all during the month of October, I was on top of my blogging game.  November hits and BAM!  nothing for almost an entire month.  Its not that I don't have anything to talk about.  I just haven't had the time.

During the Countdown to Halloween, Eric over at Toyriffic did a post talking about a Hubcat he found at a thrift store.  After reading his post, I was curious and had to find these figures.  I remember the Crash Test Dummies line of toys, but never really paid them any attention back in the day.  The Hubcat and Bumper set is a little morbid but so absurd they are awesome.  In his post, Eric also mentioned Skid the Kid. A quick Google search and I was hooked.

After several weeks of stalking ebay, I struck and won a Skid the Kid!!  This figure is ridiculously cute!  Skid sucks his/her thumb.  Skid looks as though it could be dressed in a daisy costume.  The figure originally also came with a little stroller that I believe is kind of like an ejector seat.  My figure didn't come with the stroller so I am on the look out for that as well.

I am also considering getting this figure carded.  It is just too cute not to have multiples.  I would like to pick up a loose set of Hubcat and Bumper to go with Skid.  But so far, all I have seen are carded figure sets.

My quest continues to find more of these figures.    Thanks Toyriffic for getting me hooked on Crash Test Dummies.


  1. Hahaha glad I could help! I could go for a Skid the Kid myself. So morbidly wrong!

    I know I had one Crash Test Dummy when they originally came out, and I think it still resides in my dad's garage - I will have to check when I visit for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the reminder!