Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Salacious Crumb tacky Christmas sweater project

From the title, you probably thought WOW! she is knitting a Salacious Crumb sweater.  Sadly no,  I wish I was that crafty.  We spent our Thanksgiving holiday at Disney World.  Thank you Disney for dropping the cash and purchasing the Star Wars franchise.  For my family, it makes life easy now.  We just give all our money to one company skipping the middle man.  The Star Wars merchandise selection there was awesome!

My favorite Star Wars purchase has been Salacious B. Crumb. I love the background aliens.  I couldn't pass up an almost life sized lizard monkey!  I have had so many facebook friends refer to him as creepy, ugly, and frightening.   Have these people never seen Return of the  Jedi?  How are these people my friends?

I didn't really intend to start dressing it up. But the suggestion was made about mouse ears.  I couldn't find any mouse ears small enough for him, so I bought a rhinestone mickey tiara because everybody wants to be a pretty, pretty, princess from time to time.  

Once the tiara was on, plans for a feather boa and tutu soon followed, but have been put on hold by the ugly Christmas sweater project.  It's Christmas and everybody needs at least one tacky Christmas sweater right?  Honestly, I haven't been much in the holiday mood.  But this has been fun and helped me a little.

Well, tacky Christmas sweaters don't come in lizard monkey sizes or even newborn sizes.  So, (thanks to the Goodwill) I found a cheap and ugly sweater that was a 3-6 months. I feel sorry for the kid who had to wear it originally.   With some minor alterations and major embellishings, we have gotten to this point in the sweater project.

I haven't wanted to spend a lot on, so I have just been using ribbon and scraps from around the house.  I am still looking for more beads and a topper for the tree.  I also need a different color ribbon to finish the packages.  

I would love to do like a 12 days of ugly sweaters for next year and have it be some sort of ongoing holiday project.

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