Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flea Market Find- Harry Potter, Disney lunchbox, and the batmobile

I thought I would share a few of my recent flea market finds.  I picked these up 2 weekends ago at a flea market up in NC.

The first is a vintage 1976  Disney World metal lunch box.  It is in well used condition.  But I just absolutely fell in love with it.  I should take some more pictures of it. The back has this great graphic of the Country Bears.  The sides depict different rides and dattractions at Disney World.   I paid $8 for it.  I think it will make a great display/storage piece.

The next item I picked up was the  Wizard's Sweets Harry Potter doll.  It is from 2001.  I didn't really start collecting anything Harry Potter related until about 2 years ago.  I picked up a Hagrid and a few other action figure from the first movie at the flea market.    I paid $2 for this Harry.  I love it because he comes with a chocolate frog package and a little frog bracelet that sadly no longer smells like chocolate.   I would love to find the matching Hermione doll.

Lastly, is the Batmobile!   I picked this up at Walmart.  I love Batman and yes, this chick does dig the car.   I recently started picking up the Hot Wheels that are from movies and tv.   I also have the A-Team van and Ecto 1.   I am currently looking for the other versions of the Batmobile and Kitt from Knight Rider.

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