Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thrift Find- Harry Potter Mountain Troll

A couple of years ago, I  started collecting the Mattel Harry Potter figures.  The figure line is characters from the first 2 movies.    I picked up the first couple at the flea market and have slowly added more.  

I picked the Mountain Troll up for $1 at one of the local Goodwill stores.    The lady who rang me up, had that look of disgust like, "why are you buying this ugly thing?"   I got the standard question, "What is this ugly thing?"  

The Mountain Troll is one of the deluxe creatures from the 2001 toy line.  There is a little damage to one hand, but its not really noticeable.    I really love all the detail and texture that this figure has.  The entire line was really well made.

I really love this series and can't wait to find a Fluffy the 3 headed dog to add to my collection.

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