Friday, January 25, 2013

Thrift Find: It's raining vintage Transformers (G1 Metroplex & Onslaught)

The weather today wasn't the greatest for thrift treasure hunting.    We have been blessed with sleet and freezing rain today.  But, the Goodwill has been raining vintage Transformers.    This is the second time in about 2 weeks that I have found some generation 1 Transformers.      Today's grand total for the pair was $1. 

These two are in played with condition.   Onslaught especially has a lot of sticker wear and missing accessory pieces.    A side from the Transformers featured in the cartoon, my knowledge of them is greatly lacking.   I had to Google information on both of these robots.

Metroplex when transformed is actually a city.  This is surprisingly one of the easier to transform.   There is a helipad for a helicopter, parking spaces.  The city scale is more suited to the mini-bots.  I need to find some mini-bots.   He is missing Six Guns, Slammer, and Scamper.

From what I have read, this Metroplex is the second version.  In order to cut costs, Hasbro replaced chrome thighs and rubber wheels with stickers with plastic wheels.

Onslaught is a Combaticon.   I love his motto, " The mind is the greatest weapon".   He has 3 modes, robot, vehicle, and battle station mode.     Onslaught is the leader of the Combaticons and when together they form Bruticus.   Like I said, I am missing the accessory pieces.   There is a chest plate that completes him in robot mode.   For the price, I am not going to complain.  I think they are awesome.

Despite the weather, I scored a great find today.

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