Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Island of Misfit Toys- Mechanic from Bionic 6

My "island of misfit toys" is really just a cardboard box that toys that don't fit into any collection get sent to.   The toys  either come from box lots or "grab bags" I pick up at my favorite local  thrift store.     Some I will take the time to research.  Others, like Happy Meal toys get re-donated.

I have had this guy forever just hanging out in the box.   I finally took the time to research him.   This is Mechanic from Bionic 6.
  The cartoon aired in 1987.   I honestly don't remember this show at all!  so I can't wax poetically about these characters.   Although, I am interested in FLUFFI now. I would love to see what the figure looks like.   FLUFFI is a gorialla/robot butler of sorts.

The figures are interesting because they are die cast.   The Mechanic has a good weight to it. The only draw back is that being die cast, the paint chips off.   From some of the other articles I have read, this particular figure, even fresh out the package had problems with chipping on the feet and backside.   I don't expect that many of the figures  found in "the wild"  would be in good condition.  This one has a lot of wear and chipping.  

It has the usual points of articulation.   My figure has really weak leg and knee joints, making him impossible of standing on his own.

Overall, the figure is well sculpted and visually interesting.  From what I have learned about the show, it captures the quality of the character.   The Mechanic wasn't the brightest bulb in the box.   Now, I just have to figure out what I am going to do with this figure.

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