Sunday, May 19, 2013

Collection Picture Post- R2-D2 rules the world!

I never realized how many R2-D2s I had until my husband (well, boyfriend at the time) pointed the fact out.   Back then, if you had asked me about my Star Wars collection, I would have talked about how Princess Leia was my favorite character.   I would have been happy to show my vintage carded Leia figures.    But, quietly a little droid began to dominate my collection.

Since we had the flood, we have spent a lot of time unpacking everything.  My R2s are finally back to normal for the most part. This is shelf #1.  This shelf has most of my vintage R2 items, along with items from the mid 90s to present.   2 of my most beloved R2s are on this shelf.

One of my oldest R2 is my original vintage figure that was mine when I was a kid.   As you can see, he has some authentic battle damage.   I used to carry him and my Princess Leia around everywhere. Leia fared better then R2 did.   

The other beloved R2 is my vintage bank (peeking out from behind the Jawa beanie).  I don't exactly remember the whole story on how  I got it.  I vaguely remember my aunt opening a checking, savings, or maybe a Christmas Club account at one of the local banks.   I think that if you did that or deposited so much into the account, you had your choice of  coin banks.   It was the late 70's so I around 3 or 4  years old.   I can vaguely remember being in the bank  and I kind of remember a sign advertising the giveaway.  Sadly my aunt passed away several years ago, but I know she would remember the whole story behind it.

Another notable item on is the plastic cup (the one with a Jawa sitting on it).   That was my cup as kid.   I also at one time had a matching cereal bowl.   I have had to rescue that cup from my donation happy mother several times.    The first time was back in the 80s, it somehow got damaged in the dish washer, which of course meant that it needed to be donated.  (rescue #1)  sadly, somehow the bowl got away.    Years later, the cup got stuck at the back of a cabinet, forgotten.   We were moving and my mother insisted that she needed to get some new plates and  glasses, all the others would be donated (rescue #2)    Finally,  I just got smart and tucked the cup away in my dresser drawer and thankfully I have had it ever since.

I have a wide range of sizes present in my R2 collection.  The smallest coming from the Star Wars Micro Machine sets.  At only about 1/2 inch tall he is hard to see in the crowd.  

Shelf  #2 isn't completely full of R2s yet.   They share some space with C-3PO, but that will soon be changing.  I am not the biggest fan of 3PO and he is taking up some valuable real estate.  My husband always asks me, " how are you going to fit anymore on those shelves?"    The answer is very simple.   A.) There is always room for 1 more. and B.) when I run out of room, we will put up another shelf.  He just doesn't realize that I have given each placement careful thought and consideration.

As a Mother's Day gift, my husband and son got me this MOC R2.  It is pretty special for multiple reasons.   I keep it under lock and key so nothing can happen to it.   Thankfully, my kiddos are good about understanding what MOC means (I guess we have taught them well)   It is other people's kids I am worried about.   

Some of my favorites in the mid size range are the R2 aquarium, trash can (both still packed away) and vintage toy box.  The toy box I actually gave to my daughter, who is named after a certain Star Wars princess.   I felt that every princess needed her own special R2.

My largest R2s are the Pepsi cooler R2 and our lifesize R2 unit.  

The R2 cooler was an anniversary gift from my husband.  I am easy to shop for.   We both had been wanting to get one and he luckily found a great deal on one.   It seems like we have had it forever!  It gets used any time we have a cook out, birthday party, holiday.   I always love the surprised look of people who have never been to our home and see the giant R2 in the corner of the kitchen.

Our life sized R2 unit has really been a labor of love.   When we were planning our wedding, I had suggested that we have a flower girl and a flower droid.  (yeah, I am nerdy.  that's how I roll)   I wanted an R2 to roll down the isle and shoot out flower petals.  We looked into the plans of
building one but it was scrapped because we wouldn't be able to finish it in time for the wedding and it wouldn't be able to shoot petals.

So a few years later, my husband decided to revisit the idea of building a R2.   It has taken 4 years of on and off building.  But, our R2 unit is now only in need of electronics to make him remote controlled.   Our goal is to get him completed this year.   Still for me, even if we don't get the electronics in him, I love him greeting everyone who walks in our house.

I guess this is the condensed version of my R2 collection.  I still have few packed away and a lot that I didn't even mention.   I still have a few items on my short list that I am still looking for, one of which is the 1980s Wilton cake pan.   I know I can find it easily on Ebay, but damn I just hate those prices.  Eventually, I am just going to have to quit being cheap or either give it up and just be happy with my cookie cutters.

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  1. So many memories in that first photo for me. Thanks for sharing!